Wednesday, June 23, 2010

from the design tombs

I'm not sure if it is because I've been watching back to back episodes of True Blood, but had to include something dramatic & creepy in the post title.  Haven't had time to post much so thought I would include some pics I absolutely love from my folder of design favorites.

Amanda Peet's guest room from Domino.  I'm thinking of biting the bullet & purchasing one roll of this Cole & Son wallpaper for my bathroom.  That chandelier & red chair are genius.

Another Domino fave. That Lulu DK fabric on the sofa is on sale on her website in red but I still can't afford it b/c shipping is so freakin much.  I loved the whole Domino piece on Barrie Benson's midcentury ranch. Wow.
Amanda Peet again. I love the colors, patterns, birdie art,and multicultural vibe.
Smooches to that show Pure Design that was on HGTV with Samantha Pynn.  I guess she had too much taste for hgtv/us version & I haven't seen any new episodes in a while. This bedroom was awesome b/c she combined eco-materials, vintage (those lamps!!), bold color, great headboard, and 2 fab vintage chairs (not pictured) in this episode.
This bathroom made the rounds in blog-world but I can totally see why & it is incredible to me.  Vintage looking light, bold wallpaper, marble countertops, and patterned tile floor inspire me beyond words! I can't remember the source for this pic. Sorry!

More later.