Friday, October 29, 2010


Like many design bloggers out there, I'm always working on a million projects at once.  Here are a few I've been meaning to post about for a while!

Before:  master bathroom. Needed a temporary fix until I can afford a new countertop to replace the faux granite laminate. Yikes. Hate the pinkish tiles behind the sink too but, another day!

After (still in progress): first pic is master bath wall behind the sink. Covered in Cole & Son Egerton wallpaper. Also painted & poly'd countertop gray, painted wood cabinets, and added vintage aged brass bamboo hardware. Did not have enough for door hardware but hoping to find knobs.  Better?

Entryway of house almost finished! Ran out of wallpaper (Graham & Brown Manderley) but new roll came in so hope to finish soon.  This big blank wall needed something & my sweet husband (he wants me to put "masculine") was a HUGE help.

Made an easy roman shade out of mini-blinds for the kitchen. Instructions via Little Green Notebook.

Next big project is a loveseat I found on Craigslist for $40! Was inspired by one I saw at Spruce.  I think I'm going to try to make a slipcover (my first!) in gray linen for it (that is why there is a gray jacket draped over the back!).  I also made the pillow recently, but not sure if it will stay there.

I guess I have made some progress with the house but there is a neverending list...sometimes it is difficult to rejoice in the stuff I have accomplished b/c of that list in my head!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chrome Lovin'

My heart started racing & my stomach had butterflies when I saw the following items on Ebay.

Does this happen to anyone else? This happens to me a lot- especially when I see good deals on something I find unique! These items could be so glamorous (if the chairs were reupholstered-wow!). I've been into some 70's inspired pieces lately, which was when I was mom thinks this is due to nostalgia.