Friday, March 5, 2010

The Powers of Paint

I am going to attempt to start painting the living room/kitchen area this weekend.  I've had the same yellow/gold paint on the walls for about 4 years & have really tired of it.  I want something that is more neutral & modern so that I can switch things up in there as time goes by.  I'm also in the process of reupholstering two chairs for that area in a cherry red fabric so with all of that in mind, I've chosen Benjamin Moore November Rain:

The color looks different on my monitor but it is kind of a greenish gray color that looked warmer than the other 3 paints I put on the wall.  I wish I could go a little bit darker & grayer but my house is pretty dark & I have dark wood furniture so I think this color will do the trick! Hope to post some pics soon.

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